IPL Cricket Theme for Windows 7 PC

The Indian Premier League or IPL is a professional league for Twenty20 cricket competition in India. It is currently contested by 10 teams consisting of players from around the world. Fourth version of IPL is now doing on. Lets celebrate it with using IPL theme on your Windows 7 PC.

How to Stop iPhone Tracking Your Position

You might already know that iOS has offered location services from the start. It is capable of pinpointing your location using Cell-ID and Wi-Fi hotspots. Early iOS devices used Google and Skyhook databases to do that, but since iOS 3.2 Apple has been building up their own database. So collected data is annonimized and sent over an encrypted channel. But the main thing is a file(called consolidated.db) kept unencrypted on your iGadgets holds a record of all your movements from about an year ago and that file is copied to any computer you’ve synced it to and any backups you might have made.

Which means if someone hacked your PC or grab your phone he will be knowing your position as well. For those who immediately put their tinfoil hats on, there’s an app to delete the log and prevent iOS from keeping one. This app is called Untrackerd, which can be installed on jailbroken iGadget from the Cydia software repository. It will delete the log from your device.

Vodafone UK will Release White iPhone 4 Within Weeks

Over the last one year, iPhone 4’s white version is the talk of the people for various reason. Now it comes alive again with one good news. Vodafone UK is said to start selling the device as soon as next week. Vodafone UK will give us a press release of white iPhone 4 stating price and a release date very soon. 

Reports are coming that Vodafone UK has received the white iPhone 4 already and a sales associate has sold one to a customer. Because he was not sure is it black or not! After that though, sales have stopped, as the carrier has sent out a company-wide email saying to halt sales until next week. So wait another week.  white iphone 4 price in ukSource

FC Barcelona Start Menu orb for Windows

FC Barcelona is one of the most famous football clubs in the world with the presence of Argentine Lionel Messi. Last year FC Barcelona football theme for PC was given in my site. Today i came with another new customization for the Barcelona lovers. I am here to give you Barcelona start menu orb button for your windows os. Hope you will like it.
download barcelona like start menu orb

To know how to install start menu in Windows check this post

Complete Ferrari Car Theme for Windows 7

Ferrari cars are dream for anyone. They are the symbol of luxury for you. In 2009 Microsoft released Ferrari car theme for Windows 7. But that official Ferrari theme only contains some wallpapers. That’s why today I come with a complete Ferrari transformation pack for your Windows 7 system.

Mac Lion 7 Transformation Pack for Windows

Apple Mac like themes are always very popular in Windows Oss for its unique design and colorful get-up. Apple Mac Snow Leopard theme is one of the all-time best themes for Windows 7. Now Mac PCs are upgraded with Apple Mac Lion OS. So it’s the time to update your theme too. So download this Apple Mac Lion theme for your Windows 7. It will make your Windows 7 like Mac Lion. this Lion 7 beta theme is created by Raymon Visual.
Mac Lion 7 Theme Includes:
Lion 7 visual style.
System files for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
Add Take Ownership Option
Theme Resource Changer.
uxtheme patcher.
Windows 7 aero blur tweaker.
How to Install Lion 7 Theme:
1. Copy Lion 7 folder and themefile to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
2. Take ownership of all of the system .dll files. Copy them into your "Windows\System32" folder. Make backups of the originals first. You can also use Windows Theme Installer.
3. Install Windows 7 aero blur tweaker.
4. Restart your computer.
mac lion 7 theme for windows 7
Download Mac Lion 7 Theme

If You Want To Use This Mac Lion 7 Theme to your Windows XP or Windows Vista Then Check This.

Things You Must Know Before Installing Theme:
1.Many 3rd party themes are not installed properly if you don't patch your uxtheme file. Because the GUI of any themes are dependent on these file. Typically it doesn't allow user to rewrite Windows's original data. So Click Here to download 1 click Utility tools to patch your uxtheme file.
2.Always create a restore point for critical visual themes in order to protect your system.
Or Check This Post--

Top PC Themes of 2011:
Mac Lion 7
Anime Girls
Angry Birds
IPL Cricket
Exotic Super Car
Windows 8 Dark
Wimbledon Tennis
Girls Rock Musical
Naruto Shippuden 5
Age of Empires Online
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II

How will Facebook Works on Internet Explorer 10?

Its no wonder that Facebook is the biggest concern of any website browser developer. With the release of Internet Explorer 10 platform preview you also aware of this question. that’s why I run Facebook on my Internet explorer 10 to see is it runs perfectly.

The results are very good. Everything is smoother than before. No problem at all. All the things are loading fast. It also uses my history and cookies from Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7. Here is two screenshot of my home and profile page of Facebook in internet explorer 10 platform preview version.
facebook works perfectly on internet explorer 10
how facebook will work in internet explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 Preview on the Fly

Microsoft only release a major upgrade of their built in internet browser, Internet Explorer 9 last month. Honestly, we don’t expect anything on this topic from there now. But on April 12 they released the platform preview of Internet Explorer for developer download. They showed it at the Mix11 review in Las Vegas. They also plans to release an update on the new browser every 12 weeks.
internet explorer 10 download
With the release of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft introduces a new era of website development. Websites are now in a position to take advantage of the power of modern hardware and a modern operating system. IE9 is the only browser that uses hardware-accelerated HTML5. This capability spans all graphics, text, audio and video products and sites. This will deliver user experiences that were not possible a year ago.

So the first platform preview of IE 10 builds on the IE9 innovations, but it anticipates additional standards, such as CSS3 Gradients on background images and CSS3 Flexible Box Layout. These standards will find their way into IE10. And with that operational view point, Internet Explorer 10 will be able to push the boundaries of what developers can do on the Web even further.

Download the 1st platform preview of Internet Explorer 10 from official Microsoft website now. Beta of Internet Explorer 10 will be released in this summer of 2011.

1st Copy of Windows 8 is Leaked- Available for Download

After almost year of waiting the day comes. Remember about Windows 7 early leaks days? We were always waiting for new leaks of Windows7. Now 1st milestone copy of Windows 8 is leaked. Windows 8 is M1 is already out on the web and available in various ftp and torrent site. Sources at Neowin has confirmed that the leaked build.
download original windows 8
The Build number of the leaked 6.1.7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508_x86fre_client-enterprise_en-us.iso is 6.1.7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508, which means that it was compiled on 22nd September 2010.

This milestone copy has the logo of Windows 7 everywhere. But from kernel we are sure that it is the early baby of Windows 8. Mind that it is now anywhere near of beta. So don’t expect many things from it. And lots of thing will change by time after its reaction.

Information about Windows 8 milestone build 7850-OS Name: Windows 8 Build 7850
OS Type: Final Milestone 1 Build
Compiled on: 22nd September 2010
Date of Leak: 12/04/2011
File Name: 6.1.7850.0.winmain_win8m1.100922-1508_x86fre_client-enterprise_en-us.iso
File Size: 2.45 GB (2,637,101,056 bytes)

Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 Contents & Changes

You might already know that Microsoft is preparing to release 1st service pack of Office 2010. SP1 will consist of cumulative and public updates to date for the various point products that are part of Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. This will contain some fixes that haven’t been specified so far. Fixes and updates include Office 2010 suites, Project 2010, Visio 2010, Office 2010 servers, Office Web Apps, Search Server 2010, SharePoint 2010 including Products and FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint. In the process Microsoft will be updating all 40 SKU languages for Office when SP1 ships.

Details list of Sevice Pack 1 changes will be released by Microsoft soon.

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Soon to Get Service Pack

Microsoft is preparing them to finalize the 1st service pack for MS Office 2010 for Windows OS. In the mean time they are also working on the 1st service pack for the Apple Mac version of MS Office 2011. And the encouraging news is this update is coming this week.

Service Pack 1 for Microsoft Office 2011 is coming with many stability improvements and security updates. Improvements are also done in Outlook syncing. It will enable calendar syncing possible between Outlook for Mac and Apple’s Sync Services. The new Outlook syncing has accommodated iPhone and iPad services. This means that users will be able to sync their Outlook calendar, contacts, notes and tasks with any service or device that supports Sync Services.

We are sure that all Mac users are taking this service pack 1 happily enough if they are using Microsoft Office 2011.

Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1 is coming in Mid-Summer

Microsoft Office 2010 is another successful product like Windows 7 itself. More than one year after release it is now ready to receive its 1st major update, service pack 1 for Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.

Earlier Microsoft said that the first service pack (SP1) for Office 2010 & SharePoint 2010 would be out some time between May and November 2011. But from Microsoft Office Updates blog we can see that the target date changed to mid-summer. We expect we know the exact date when the Teched 2011 conference takes place in mid-May 2011.

To learn more about the content of Microsoft Office 2010 SP1 Click Here.

40 Nokia Mobile Phones Are Coming in 2011

Vice President and Marketing Director of Nokia India talks to the media about the plan of Nokia to release around 40 mobile phones in this year, 2011. Country and carrier based mobiles phone are also included in this list. There are 12 smartphones are also on the list.

He also mentions that some big is coming in April. We don’t know is it Windows phone 7 or not.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 Review: Disadvantages List

BlackBerry Bold 9780 is the latest business smartphone from RIM. They released it in last October 2010. Bold 9780 is powered by 624 MHz processor by BlackBerry OS 6.0. In this BlackBerry Bold 9780 review I will notify you about its drawbacks. I hope this will help you to decide your next smart phone.
blackberry bold 9780 india reviewBlackBerry Bold 9780 Disadvantages-
  • You must use BlackBerry Internet Service account to enjoy all phone features.
  • Display color is only 65K, which seems ugly in these days.
  • No built-in accelerometer.
  • No Wi-Fi 802.11 n support.
  • Interface of 5 megapixel camera is very much outdated.
  • Video recording quality is poor.
  • No FM radio.
  • Supports 3G but no video-call camera on front.


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