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    iOS 4.3 is Coming to iPad, iPhone 3gs/4, iPod Touch with Some New Features

    Along with iPad 2 announcement Apple today confirms another major events. Its about their iOS used in original iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. All these devices will get iOS 4.3 firmware upgrade from iOS 4.2. This version of iOS don't change anything extra ordinairy but still we like it.

    iOS 4.3 Feature and Change List Follows-
    1. The JavaScript performance of the Safari web browser is almost doubled by using Nitro JavaScript engine.
    2. Home sharing in iTunes. It allows you to playback anything shared in your iTunes library over Wi-Fi connection, no sync needed.
    3. AirPlay now supports apps from the Apple AppStore.
    4. An iPad toggle of choosing the function of the hardware mute/lock key.
    5. Personal hotspot feature for iPhone 4. This works over Wi-Fi too for up to three connected devices(previously called tethering).
     iOS 4.3 is coming to you by March 11. And it will upgrade your iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, original iPad and iPod Touch 3rd/4th generation devices firmware. All the new iPad 2 will come with pre installed iOS 4.3 inside.

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