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    iOS 4.3 Gold Master is Jailbroken Even before Final Release- Having Tweaks Too

    iOS 4.3 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is coming this 11th March. So it’s sure that Apple Apps developers have their copy of iOS 4.3 Gold Master (Release Candidate) on their hand. So as always hackers community also tastes the iOS 4.3 GM and able to jailbreak it even before the final OS release. They also able to find some fancy multi-touch features inside and those can be unlocked. One new thing is you can now buy ringtones directly from the iPhone. A new shortcut in the ringtone settings points to the iTunes store. Another good news for Apple Safari browser lovers. It seems that the new Safari Javascript engine receives a major improvement over 4.2. A test done over Wi-Fi reportedly shows that the iOS 4.3 Safari loads a few seconds faster than the one in iOS 4.2.
    how to jailbreak ios 4.3
    But the exciting news is about Apple’s new multi-touch gestures. You may already know that Apple stated the gestures that won't be included in the final iOS 4.3 update. They were available in the beta just as a preview to the developer for future apps use. Fortunately there is a way to unlock them even on this iOS 4.3 Gold build. You can follow this guide to activate multitouch gestures on your iOS 4.3 GM easily.

    To jailbreak your iOS 4.3 (after getting your copy) you will need Mac OS X with the PwnageTool installed. You can find the total procedure of jailbreaking your iOS 4.3 here. But I suggest you to resist yourself for a couple of days. Because iOS 4.3 final will be released on March 11. We are sure that that will be jailbroken in a weeks too. Complete guide to jailbreak your iOS 4.3 GM can be found here.

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