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    Internet Explorer 9 Final Released Today

    After almost one year of testing Microsoft today releases their next generation HML5 supported Internet Explorer 9. It remains to be seen how and if IE9 will help Microsoft regain valuable browser market share. This will be a long struggle especially as the browser will not run on XP, a move that’s necessary because of OS hardware acceleration that only exists in Vista and Windows 7. In last 5 years Internet Explorer has dropped from 95% market share to around 60%.

    Internet Explorer does bring very useful new features though, but only for users of Windows 7. These include the ability to pin websites to the operating system’s taskbar and for the developers of those websites to code jump lists for those icons directly into the site. Any such site launched form the taskbar takes on the color properties of the website, making it appear even more that the website is an app, rather than being used in a web browser.

    Microsoft has been pushing HTML5 strongly and it’s anticipated that a beta version of their Bing search engine, using HTML5, will also appear in the next week or so. Google and Mozilla haven’t been so keen to push HTML5 though both claim that their browsers are more HTML5 compliant than IE9. The reason for this, Microsoft say, is that they are only supporting features in the new web standard that either have or are close to ratification.

    To download new Internet Explorer version 9 for your Windows 7 and Vista check Microsoft site now.


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