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    Apple Refunds $100 if You Bought Original iPad After 16 February

    iPad 2 is already a very good news for the consumers around the world. iPad 2 will be available to the customers from March 11 in US. And there is more good news is now coming for the recent iPad buyers. Apple just confirmed that if you bought your iPad after Februaipad reduced price by $100ry 2011 then they will give you the chance to take your $100 back on your pocket. That’s awesome, we can clearly see that shy Apple always tops at the consumer satisfaction chart.

    If you buy your iPad from US then $100 placed back on your credit card. And while those overseas will get £100 / €100 back in their pocket. If you've suddenly found yourself in this pool, you'll need to head back to a brick-and-mortar location. Obviously don’t forget to keep your money receipt to get the refund processed. If you ordered online, you'll need to call Apple's 1-800 number and tell them your interest about your money.

    Those who wants to buy iPad 1 from Amazon now check out their website now. They are selling iPad just for $350 now.

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