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    Apple iPad 2: Main Features and Price

    Apple has finally launched the long-anticipated new iPad, iPad 2 back in March 2nd. Apple knows it very well that tablet pc market is changed a lot in last one year. In 2011 it will not be one man show like last year as iPad rocks the world alone. They have Samsung and LG very close behind with other famous manufacturers. So Apple decides to make a complete new shape for iPad. iPad 2 is not just a tweaked or marginally improved piece of hardware.

    apple a5 chip inside ipad 2Apple significantly improves their original iPad. First of all iPad has an Apple made dual-core 1 GHz A5 processor. Steve Jobs tells us that new A5 chip is ‘dramatically faster’ than previous A4. According to Apple it is twice as fast as its predecessor. But the graphics performance of iPad 2 is assumed to be up to nine times faster. So gaming or multimedia- iPad 2 beats iPad by miles.

    Secondly iPad 2 is 33% thinner than iPad, even it is thinner than the iPhone 4. It’s 8.8 mm, as opposed to 13.4 mm for the original iPad. It’s overall weight is down from 1.5 lbs to 1.3 lbs. In the meantime Apple is able be maintain it’s amazing battery life to 10 hours of movie playback.
    New iPad 2 has two camera- .7 megapixel 720p video camera on the back and VGA video camera on the front. Both can be used for face time calling to your iPhone and Mac.
    ipad 2 dual  face time camera quality
    New iPad 2 is HDMI compatible. You can plug it into your TV or a large screen. It’ll cost you an extra $39 for the HDMI cable converter.

    Another new features iPad 2 has is has smart cover. It is especially designed by Apple to protect your iPad 2 display. It also costs you around $35.
    ipad 2 smart cover price
    iPad 2 is also comes in two version- Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi+3G. And there are also 3 different storage of 16GB, 32Gb and 64 GB. Price of iPad 2 is identical to original iPad which is also a massive bonus for the consumers.
    iPad 2 Price Chart
    Models Wi-Fi Wi-Fi+3G
    16GB $499 $629
    32GB $599 $729
    36GB $699 $829

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