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    Android Tablets will Defeat iPad by 2014

    Back in 2010 Apple started Tablet journey alone. By the end of 2011 many other manufacturers joined in the field by running Google made Android OS. Microsoft also tried to create their own market by doing so. In 2011 Apple introduce their iPad 2 running iOS 4.3. And there’s nothing out there to beat it now. Despite all these factors RBC Capital Markets General Manager Mike Abramsky sees Android emerging as the dominant tablet platform by 2014. Analysis shows us that 40 percent of the projected 185 million tablets sold through the end of 2014 will run on some version of Android.

    Experts predicts by this time Android OS will improve signicantly to work smoothly on Tablet PCs. And different other manufacturers in Asia will started to use Android on their low cost tablets to reduce their production cost and Android is open source and free. In the meantime iPad 3 or even iPad 4 will come but global phenomena of cheaper Android OS running tablets will be huge by time.

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