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    What You Should Have Done Before Installing Windows 7 SP1

    Original Windows 7 version is a success for Microsoft. So many users don’t show much interest about the 1st service pack of Windows 7. And SP1 of Windows 7 don’t include many things, even nothing new. It only combines all the updates you received via Windows Update over the year.
    windows 7 service pack1 download
    But it is recommended to install SP1 of Windows 7 by Microsoft. Microsoft offers SP1 to you in two ways- one by Windows Update and another is via Microsoft Download Center. Now let’s take a look at different points you should know before proceed your Windows SP1 installation:
    1. For installing SP1 from Windows update your computer must have 750MB of RAM for 32-bit Windows 7 and 1050MB for 64-bit Windows 7.
    2. When you are using stand alone download from Download Center then you need 4.1GB RAM for 32-bit system and 7.4GB RAM for 64-bit system.
    3. Before installing SP1 please scan your whole computer for viruses and disable your 3rp party antivirus after that.
    4. You must update all your device drivers according to date.
    5. You must have extra space on your C drive to complete the installation.
    6. Ensure continuous power supply when the SP is installing.

    how to install windows 7 service pack 1

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    1. i think you are confusing ram with hard drive space


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