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    Microsoft Office 15 Emphasis on New Features and Connectivity

    Microsoft Office 2010(codename Office14) is also a successful product like Windows 7. Therefore, when Microsoft is developing their new office program, which replaces Office 2010 must be better than Office 2010 in every context. According to Microsoft, Office 15 is the next natural step in their suite of application investments. Nevertheless, they say very little about their Office 15 and its release date.

    One thing we heard of Office 15 is it will be able to edit image and video office 15 beta release datesuccessfully without the necessity of another editor application. Moreover, most importantly there is some kind of presence of ‘Cloud Services’ in Office 15. Some application that makes Cloud operations user and business friendly and accessible would be welcome. For educational users there are more features and functions.

    There is also the integration of social interactions on the consumer and business fronts. For Windows Live Messenger there are unified communications, including better interoperability. And there must be some use of SkyDrive throughout the Office 15 we guess.

    We also heard another thing. Microsoft try to build some kind some ‘Meeting’ application for commercial use. It is something like business intelligence/charting type app. Microsoft has done work on every phase of meetings, from Outlook invitations, to note taking (with OneNote), to broadcasting (with some of the new features in PowerPoint 2010). Some type of app that implements a “meeting” technology might certainly seem in line.

    But we are still in dark about its progress and release date. However, 2012 is the possible release date of Microsoft Office15. In addition, I guess they will do it before Windows 8 release.

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