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    Apple iPad Review: Disadvantages, Drawbacks of iPad At a Glance

    ‘A magical and revolutionary product’, Steve Jobs introduce iPad to world one year ago by this word. No matter what is iPad itself but we can see that it changes the present computing world a lot. All the top global manufacturers now interested to sell their tablet computers like iPad to the people. But no one can catch iPad till now. It has so many features inside such as- brilliant LED backlit 9.7-inches IPS display, 1 GHz Apple A4 CPU, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 12.7 mm thin, 10 hours of battery life, Accelerometer and compass etc. But after all these Apple iPad has some drawbacks. In this iPad review, I mainly focus on this lacking of iPad for your consideration.
    disadvantages of iPad
    Apple iPad Disadvantages List-
    • You still cann’t use iPad as a tablet computer. It lacks is both hardware and software department. It is not built for high end tasks. A $500 price gadget must have better computing ability than iPad.
    • The 3G iPad model comes with a SIM card slot. But surprisingly yet you can’t use your iPad for SMS and voice call. It’s only supports 3G connection for internet. Other iPad competitors like Samsung’s Tablet computer allows SMS and voice calls on their tablet PC making it into an instant mobile phone.
    • It doesn’t support standard SIM. You must use Mic-SIM in you Apple iPad. But if you’re using iPad bought from AT&T in US then you cannot go for another service provider or use it as a cell phone outside of the US.
    • At the time of release, iPad does not support multitasking. But after a software upgrade to iOS 4.2 iPad supports multitasking. But it is still difficult to use. It is merely not possible to have more than one application running at a time even for a brief span to send a quick mail or a message.
    • With a size of (242.8) x (189.7) x (13.4) mm, the iPad is good for nothing. It comes not so handy. It doesn’t fit on most pouches so you might need an extra case for it. A tablet must be smaller like Samsung Galaxy TAB.
    • Since the device does not come with a camera or a web cam, it is not possible not snap a picture or even use the video chat when chatting on your IM. This is another major disadvantage of iPad that makes it a real inferior among other competitors. Cameras are undeniably indispensable features for a mobile device like a tablet pc.
    • No support for flash based applications. You cannot view a website properly if it has a lot of flash based on plug-ins or is completely flash based website. Even flash based Facebook apps are not supported in iPad. This will make your internet use horrible.
    • iPad don’t have a USB port or MicroSD card slot. You could use a USB device only through an accessory.
    • Lack of high definition output in terms of both video and does not facilitate a comfortable reading of e-book.
    • No real GPS receiver in iPad though there is cell-tower triangulation.
    • iTunes required for uploading content to your iPad from PC.
    • No exchangeable battery for iPad like iPhone.
    • Tethering is particularly useful to take advantage of your mobile phone’s internet connection. Apple officially announced that iPad do not support tethering even if you have their iPhone. Either this is due to lack of necessary technology in the iPad or simply because Apple wants to protect the sales of their 3G Model.
    Everybody is getting an iPad without considering its cons. If you want to solve some of these problems in iPad then jailbreaking is a helpful solution for as long as you’re willing to void your warranty from Apple. To buy new iPad now, Amazon is definitely the right place. Because the are selling it just for $351.

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