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    Windows 8 Build 6.2.7867 Show Its Color in CES 2011

    Just at the beginning of every year CES is always the place of interest for every IT lover all around the world. This year CES is also same. But before this year CES we look forward to some fantastic tablets or powerful smartphones. No one think about Microsoft’s next operating system Windows 8. So it shouts!
    is windows 8 build real?
    During the surprise Microsoft press event at 1 PM PST at CES someone captured a picture of a machine that was running Windows operating system on an ARM platform. And there was 100% possibility of that the os is Windows 7. But the version number that appears on the screen indicates that it is something different than we have seen so far. It indeed some build of Windows 8 being run. This Windows 7 versioning numbers: 6.1.7600. The numbers on the screen: 6.2.7867 hence the rumors of it being a Windows 8 build.

    This will most likely be the strategy for Windows 8 and will probably see an embedded version of Windows 8 customized for tablets. But no word from Microsoft so far. That’s also normal. Only time will confirm us about the presence of Windows 8 build.

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