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    Nokia Sold 4 Million N8 Worldwide

    A recent research result of a Finish company, Inderes finds that Nokia has sold between 3.5 and 4 million N8 smartphones from October to November 2010 period. The research also mentions that the N8 is a top-selling phone in four countries- Finland, India, Malaysia and UAE.

    Nokia previously stated that the Symbian^3 OS running N8 camera phone flagship is the company's most pre-ordered phone ever. But they didn’t release the number of shipments that time. The phone has high quality 12 megapixel Carl Zeiss optics lens inside. This camera phone has 1/1.83'' sensor size with 720p HD video recording making this one the all-time best camera phone in the market. Nokia N8’s ARM 11 680 MHz processor also has 3D Graphics HW accelerator support.
    Nokia n8 camera photo quality
    But the official Nokia 2010 Q4 statement is yet to be published. It is already confirmed that Nokia N8 is a massive hit all around the world. Despite that personally I believe that Nokia xPress Music 5800 was more successful than N8.

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