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    Apple Sells Record Number of iPhones, iPad & Macs In 2011 Holiday Quarter

    We all know this from the market selling statistics that Apple is going to beat their own Number of iphone 4 sellsrecord of selling and revenue. And now it’s confirmed by Apple Inc. In first quarter of 2011 which also called holiday quarter by Apple was the best quarter in Apple’s history. Apple was able to sell record number of iPhone, iPad and Mac in this time. So no wonder they made record revenue this time too. Even both the amounts beat analysts' predictions as well as Apple's own predictions for the first quarter of 2011.

    In the mean time Apple sold 16.24 million iPhones. It’s more than 86% what it sold the same quarter a year ago. iPhone 4 rocks with antenna problem. That’s good for Apple.

    And the new revolutionary tablet by Apple, iPad did exceptionally well too. Apple sold 7.33 million iPad in three months worldwide. Apple's COO and acting CEO, Tim Cook, duly noted that the iPad hardly has a viable competitor even after it’s one year of release.

    At the same time sales of Mac PCs were increased too. 4 million Mac PC were shipped in this time. The MacBook Air and Pro were responsible for most of that growth.

    Only the sells of iPods are lower than past. But Apple will be very happy to find that about half of all sales were counted as iPod touch.

    Thus with 3 record breaking product sell graphs Apple made $26.74 billion in revenue, $6 billion in quarterly profits and $6.43 earnings per share. Despite all these record numbers the gross margin fell to 38.5% (compared to 40.9% for last year). But it’s still higher than expected.

    From my point of view the most important number of the announcement is 62% of sales coming from outside the US. This is a big achievement of Apple.

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