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    Apple Redesigns iPhone 4 To Fix Antenna Problem?

    Biggest discussion over the 2010 is the antenna problem which cause signal reception problem in iPhone 4. So many things were heard on this topic. Now I have something interesting in my hand. Some leaked photo of iPhone 4 body case shows its original design is changed slightly. But both engadget and GSMArena are confused over this topic. But they are sure that its original iPhone 4. And we think its iPhone 4 CDMA version with no SIM card hole on side.
    apple redesing iPhone 4 antenna how to solve iphone 4 signal problem?
    Look at this picture carefully. You will clearly see the difference is in the external antenna. This metallic strip has been divided by five black strips instead of the four strips in the original design.

    Another interesting thing to note is that the SIM card slot is intact, which means that if this is the CDMA iPhone to come, it will either have a secondary GSM radio or an LTE radio.

    According to Engadget, the they saw in one YouTube video that there was no hole for the back camera. Oh My God! What is this thing? Is it made by China? But then why the video is removed from YouTube by Apple? That's very much interesting!

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