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    You Can Use Transparent Wallpaper For Windows Phone 7 Now

    Windows Phone 7 Performance ReviewTime by time many new Windows 7 Phone features are unlocked to the users. This time a neat feature that was discovered on a Windows Phone 7 development blog. Posted by keyboardp, this tweaks enables Windows Phone 7 users to add transparent wallpapers as their lock screen choice without any kind of hack or jailbreak on your Windows Phone 7.

    It really is a simple tweaks and it involves creating or finding a .PNG file which has a transparency layer already added. The problem is that you can only sync .JPG’s to Windows Phone using the Zune PC software, so the workaround is to send the .PNG file to yourself via email, then open the email and save the file to your phone. Alternatively, you can probably also add the .PNG file to your Skydrive account on Windows Live and download it from there.

    But there is still a problem with this tweaks. Many users have not been able to get the transparency to work if you have a lockscreen pin enabled, so if you need to use a pin to unlock the phone, and you probably should, the transparency will just appear black.
    To see the video how well it works CLICK HERE.

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