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    Video Call Via Skype In iPhone Will Possible Soon

    Before the 2011 CES a leaked tutorial page from the Skype’s official download skype video apps for iphonewebsite has revealed that video-calling will be coming to iOS. And Skype already announced that- There will be a series of video related announcements. It now very much real for other major device platforms to see Skype video calling features on their hand too.

    Maemo powered Nokia N900 smartphone already support video-calling through Skype. Skype runs nicely on all the major mobile operating systems already and it would be pretty great if Skype enabled the new feature to all of them at once.

    You can also easily download iPhone Skype apps and make free Skype-to-Skype calls and low cost calls to any phones abroad on WiFi or 3G. To Download Skype Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch Click Here.

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