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    Smooth HD 1080p Video For Web - Adobe Plash 10.2 Beta Uses GPU Better Than Ever

    Adobe Flash 10.1 was a significant improvement over earlier versions, adding support for hardware acceleration on modern GPUs with current drivers – this allowed relatively weak CPUs like Intel’s Atom processor to play high-definition Flash content on the internet, when paired with a compatible graphics processor. Flash is installed on nearly all of the world’s computers, so anything Adobe can do to improve the performance and efficiency of the plugin will benefit the entire Internet.

    Adobe today released a beta of version 10.2 of their flash player to the public. Flash 10.2 takes this a step further, Whats New In Adobe Flash Player 10.2improving hardware acceleration to the point that seen laptops play smooth 1080p HD video with just over 0% CPU usage. Other features include increased performance under IE 9 (beta) due mostly to support for that browser’s own GPU rendering features, text rendering enhancements, and the ability to play full-screen Flash content on one monitor while continuing to work with other programs on a second monitor.

    Flash development has gotten much more interesting over the last year as Adobe fights to keep the technology dominant in the face of competition from HTML5 and Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin. Flash has also had to contend with high-profile criticism from Apple’s Steve Jobs, who says that the Flash plugin will never be supported on its popular mobile devices. Jobs claims that the plugin is crash-prone and that it decreases battery life – the latter accusation has been independently confirmed by reviewers, who noted that installing Flash significantly impacted the battery life of the new MacBook Air.

    Beta release of Flash Player 10.2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux is now available for download on Adobe Labs. Check that to test new flash.


    1. Whilst it is ok to have one or two special effects to jazz up your website, spinning graphics and logos often distract your visitor from the content, not to mention they can take too long to download. Your visitors may click away even before your spinning logo finishes loading.

    2. I dont understand what are you saying. Can you please specify?


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