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    Next Google Phone Nexus S Is Under Pre-order In UK, Price £550

    Google Nexus S is the next Google smartphone in the market. The news is now officially confirmed. And Google Nexus S will be the first ever phone to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Google has its eye on the future with this one with NFC built-in and a unique curved display.

    The Google Nexus S, made by Samsung starts off with an excellent technology base, the Samsung Galaxy S and builds on top of that - the specs sound great on paper and it got positive reports from the realy reviewers. Previous Google Nexus Phone was made by HTC.
    samsung google nexus s disadvantages
    UK’s Carphone Warehouse offers a SIM-free Nexus S for £550 (€657), Means $870. And of course, you have the option to get it for free on a two-year contract for £35-a-month.

    The Google Nexus S should ship by the end of December (the initial estimate was December 20) and it's available for all major UK operators with plenty of plans to choose from. The only little perk is that it's exclusively sold by Carphone Warehouse.

    Still, the price seems a bit steep - as a comparison the Samsung Galaxy S costs £415 SIM-free and is very close feature-wise to the Nexus S.

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