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    HTC Desire HD Firmware Update Make It Android 2.2.1 With Better HD Recording

    There's an minor update out for the new HTC Desire HD. This update tweaks and bugfix update that makes the Desire HD to Android 2.2.1. This update htc desire hd 2.2 firmware probleman Over The Air 40MB update. It will change the HTC Desire HD to software version 1.72.405.3 and the Android version to 2.2.1, the latest available Froyo.

    With fixing some bugs, it also reportedly brings improved performance too. The Desire HD is reported to run a little faster overall after the update. Mainly camera function shows a much more noticeable improvement. It's now snappier and the HD recording has reportedly been improved as well.

    But everyone is eagerly waiting for Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. And there's not a speech from HTC about when the HTC Desire HD and their other droids will receive the Android 2.3 update. That might take a while as HTC will have to port all sorts of custom goodies including the extensive Sense UI, the fast boot magic, etc. to the latest version of Android OS.

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