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    How You Can Get Most Speedup From Your Wireless N Router

    how to speedup smartphone wifi?In this days most of us users a wireless router in our house in order to use cable free Internet. And there are mainly 3 types of wireless of Wi-Fi connection method exist now- a, b, g and n. Wi-Fi n is the newest and fastest. But its not possible to get most out of a Wi-Fi n router unless you can setup something first.

    If you are using Wi-Fi regularly in your office, Hot spot zone or home I am sure that you can see a speed variation in these places. But the point is all the devices used are same in specifications so where's is the point? And the solution is the speed of Wi-Fi network mainly depend on your devices setup.

    Here's some tips for getting the most out of your Wireless N router-
    1. Always use the 300Mbps mode. Most of the time it works better especially if the router is in the other room.
    2. Always use WPA2/AES encryption otherwise your Wireless N network will work at 54Mbps.
    3. You must enable Quality of Service (QoS).
    4. If a Wi-Fi b/g device connects to your same Wireless N network simultaneously with your N client, the network automatically throttles down to 54Mbps to accommodate the new device. You can solve this problem by adding a simple separate 802.11g access point (not a router) for those G clients.
    5. Also keep in the the distance of your devices. Wi-Fi b connection can works upto 38 meters(125 feet) at indoor and 140 meters(460 feet) at outdoor. Range of the Wi-Fi g connection is also same as Wi-Fi 802.11 b devices. So its 38 meters and 140 meters respectively. And latest Wi-Fi 802.11 n connection has more power in distance field too. It works upto 70 meters(230 feet) at indoor and 250 meters(820 feet) at outdoor at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency band. So keep in mind these figures when you are setting your wireless network.

    That’s it. I hope will see some kind improvements at least when all of these are done.

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