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    Google Nexus S UK Price Drops To £430- Starts Selling Now

    It’s very good news for UK mobile phone users. Because you people are receiving Samsung Google Nexus S just before the Christmas 2010. Google Nexus S will appear at Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy stores across the UK on 22 December 2010. And its price also drop to £430.
    Best Buy Google Nexus S Price in UK
    This Android 2.3 Gingerbread-powered smartphone, the Samsung-made Google Nexus S, has been selling since 16 December over in the USA and scheduled to launch in Europe before Christmas. So, if you feel like buying a nice high-tech gift, go to Carphone Warehouse and pre-order it. It should arrive by the end of December.

    The price in the UK was first said to be £550 (around €650) but apparently we weren't the only ones that thought it was quite steep so Google decided to cut it down to £430 (nearly €510). This sounds way more reasonable (even if its way higher than the US SIM-free price of the Nexus S, $529 or €400).

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