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    Extra High Quality Mobile Display On The Way- Samsung Has Super PLS LCD & LG Has QLED

    When iPhone 4 released their IPS display with gorgeous quality you ever think, we all might think that it might be the end. But it appears that the display wars are not going to end anytime soon. Both Samsung and LG announced new generation display technologies, which as you can imagine, promise to be better than anything we have seen so far. You might take a look at GSMarena's review of current mobile display quality.

    Samsung IPS Display TechnologyFirst off it was Samsung's Mobile Display division that showcased a working prototype of the Super PLS LCD. It is said to offer 100% wider viewing angles and 10% higher brightness than conventional IPS LCD screens as the one found on the iPhone 4 and iPad. We can imagine 10% brightness boost can be achieved, but doubling of the viewing angles seems a rather long shot - IPS LCD just cannot be improved that much in this aspect. After all, those are already unbelievably good.

    The Super PLS displays will support resolution up to to WXGA resolution (1280 x 768 pixels) and should cost about 15 percent less to manufacture. Mass production starts early next year so we will hopefully get to see them in action pretty soon - perhaps some time around the MWC 2011 the upcoming February.

    On the other side of the camp, LG doesn't have a working prototype to show just yet but it has announced that it has teamed up with QD Vision for the development of Quantum Dot LED (QLED) display units. Dubbed "ultimate solution for displays" QLED should give unmatched power efficiency, providing more brightness, while consuming less power than any currently available OLED technology. Can't wait to see those too.
    LG High Quality QLED Mobile Display
    QLED displays should also offer more accurate colors and be cheaper to manufacture. You can find out more about them at QD Vision's website. The bad news is that QLED technology is still in development and there's no saying when it might be mounted on an actual device.

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