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    Amosu Makes iPhone 4 Diamond Edition Costs 23650$

    iPhone 4 Diamond Limited EditionI think there are already a lots of reason available for you to decide for a iPhone. And iPhone 4 surely is in the top of the list. Now if you have more money in your pocket then you might think for buying a iPhone 4 with diamond. Famous British jeweler Alexander Amosu will give you the chance with its limited edition Diamond Spider - a diamond-encrusted iPhone 4 with some exclusive features.

    The sides of the iPhone 4 Diamond Spider are covered by 846 brilliant-cut VVS1-grade F colour diamonds totaling 5.66 carats. You are free to transfer those diamonds to another handset or just turn them into some kind of jewelry when you decide to switch phones. Every iPhone 4 Diamond Spider will come with a special golden number of your choice (the example given being 07XXX 111111). It allows you to choose a unique number whether it’s your birth date, shirt number, business number or a special number.

    The price will also include a 24hr global concierge service, which promises to access the inaccessible for you. Every iPhone is unlocked that means you can use it from everywhere.
    Diamond covered iPhone 4 price in US
    You can also pick any color for the back of your Diamond Spider iPhone - black, white or any other you may want. Mone makes everything possible in this world- Another example. The iPhone 4 Diamond Spider costs 23650$(£15000) and will be available in UK, Monaco, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria. Though, if you actually had the kind of cash to get one, we'd assume you'll be able to ship it to wherever else in the world necessary.


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