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    Windows Phone 7 Updates Will Be Controlled By Microsoft

    Windows Phone 7 Security Update DownloadThere’s been a great deal of concern over the update policy for Microsoft’s new smartphone OS. Initially it was understood that Microsoft would push updates directly to users. News later emerged however that carriers would be able to delay updates while they confirmed they would work with handsets and any bespoke software the carriers had added.

    This was a blow to many people, especially with the rise of smartphone security threats. Google’s Android operating system is especially prone to delays to updates. Each update must go to both the carrier and the handset manufacturer before release for review and, if necessary, recoding. This can hold updates up for three months which is very bad news given that Android is the smartphone OS that is most prone to virus and malware attacks.

    Now, Ed Bott is reporting that Microsoft have confirmed that will be firmly in the driving seat when it comes to updates for Windows Phone. In a statement they said…

    Microsoft will push Windows Phone 7 software updates to end users and all Windows Phone 7 devices will be eligible for updates.
    It’s also great news for all Windows Phone users, not only from a security perspective, but from the point of view of people who will want new features and functionality as soon as it becomes available.

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