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    Windows Phone 7 Is Also Jailbroken Now

    It’s only a week out of the door and already Microsoft’s new smartphone OS has had the jailbreak treatment.

    Chris Walshie, an Australian hacker called has discovered a way to run “native, unmanaged code” on the handsets. This will allow users to run whatever software they want. The method involves manipulating a DLL file called “Microsoft.Phone.InteropServices” which then allows users root access to the device.

    The hack would allow people to change things such as the How To Jailbreak Windows Phone 7 default search engine away from Bing. At the moment Microsoft have strict controls over their app store and what software can and can’t run on the OS, much in the same way that Apple does and Google doesn’t. Smartphone OSes are the current big target for malware writers because of how they are now used for things such as financial transactions.

    But it is not recommend doing this unless it’s absolutely necessary. Apart from invalidating your warranty it would make the phone very insecure and vulnerable to malware and viruses.

    It’s also likely that Microsoft may soon patch this hole and there’s the threat that they could follow Apple and lock jailbroken phones out of the Zune and App Marketplace ecosystem altogether.

    Microsoft have not yet commented on this but we’ll bring you more information on this story as it develops.

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