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    US Air Force Starts Windows 7 Move, Navy & Army Use Windows 7 Soon

    After the last week's shocking news of only 10% business use of Windows 7 around the world, 1 great news is for Microsoft and it's latest operating system Windows 7. United States Windows XP to 7 US Air ForceMilitary is decided to keep themselves up to date with World's latest operating system- Windows 7. And US Air Force is among the first of Military. 

    The US Air Force begin the long process of migrating over 600,000 computers and laptops from Windows XP and Windows Vista. The process is expected to be completed in December 2011! The chief Air Force Chief Information Officer, Lt. Gen. William Lord described the process as “a daunting task.” It’s not so much the technical challenge that will cause them problems, it’s more the user not being used to the whole new UI.

    One of the goals of the air force is to make the move seamless or “almost in real-time”. Given that the vast majority of their systems have already been upgraded to Windows Vista, this move shouldn’t be too big a change. The migration will provide users with the benefits of Vista’s security features without forcing users to experience the inconvenience of an extended transition.

    The only main issues will come from users who are still running Windows XP. Since Windows 7 is a completely different UI to Windows XP.
    The good news is that Windows 7 will provide many new features, but the downside is that the transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 will force users to change all of their computer settings. “Just when they have their machines set up exactly the way they want it, we push a change,”
    The upgrade to Windows 7 also ties in with a new change to the forces hardware. All new computers coming in now will come with Windows 7 pre-loaded on them. 

    They need around 6 to 9 months to roll out Windows 7 because there is US Air Force Use Windows 7over 19,000 applications running on the network which they hope to reduce down to 10,000, they need to make sure they all work properly. But also by doing this, and upgrading to Windows 7, it’s hoped that it will save the force an incredible $600 – $800 million each year!

    It’s great that the air force are beginning to move to Windows 7 now, and there’s also reports that the Navy will do so in January 2011, But there's no confirmation from the army yet. They just said to be sticking with Vista for the moment but are testing out Windows 7. That tells the next part of story i think.

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