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    Samsung Galaxy S Supports Wi-Fi Direct – 1st Smartphone on the Market

    The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is already a massive hit smartphone all around the world. And this smartphone has all the latest connectivity features in its hand. Now it add another highlight to its connectivity specification list - Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi Direct is a technology that aims to remove the need for a router, so that you can connect two devices directly and enjoy the fast transfer speeds of Wi-Fi b/g/n.

    How Wi-Fi-Direct Works on PC-Phone-LaptopWi-Fi Direct is a very new technology and the Galaxy S is among the first devices to support it - and certainly the first phone in the short list. Samsung Galaxy S supports Wi-Fi b/g/n with some WPA2 security for a good measure. The great thing about Wi-Fi Direct is that only one of the devices needs to be Direct-enabled for the connection to work.

    Enabling Direct on already available devices is possible too - via a software update. So, Samsung I9000 Galaxy S owners will be able to use Wi-Fi Direct with their current hardware. At this point it's not clear how (and when) the Galaxy S will receive the update - firmware update or an app. Lets wait and see.

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