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    New Symbian 3 Running Nokia X7-00 Has 4 Speakers For Best Music Quality

    It’s now almost official that Nokia X7-00 is the next device to join the Symbian 3 gang. And after Nokia N8 with amazing camera quality, new Nokia X7-00 is dedicated for the music lovers. A leaked video shows a touch-based device with four speakers and similar hardware and software like the C7. Additional information can be unearthed from the Czech forum, which is the source behind the leak. It seems that the Nokia X7-00 has ARM 11 680 MHz processor, 3D Graphics HW accelerator and 256MB RAM- same as those of Nokia N8.
    Nokia X7 Smartphone Music Quality On Four Speakers
    As you can see Nokia X7-00 also has the similar measuremenNokia X7 Specification Rumorts and screen size compare with Nokia N8, but again the camera department is less than stellar - a fixed-focus 8 megapixel camera plus a dual-LED flash. It's unclear whether the screen will be a ClearBlack AMOLED or the AMOLED used in C7. 

    Anyway, the most interesting thing about the X7-00 is the four speakers it's got one in each corner. We are sure lots of music geeks will appreciate this. It’s a giant steps for the music phone I believe.

    But there is no official announcement yet to be made.



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