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    iPad Hits UK With 312$ By Orange

    Orange UK just announced its contract-tied pricing for Apple's tablet, iPad in the UK. Pre-orders are already strated for obtaining the 3G-connected iPad at prices of £199 ($312) for the 16GB version, £249 ($391) for its 32GB sibling, or £349 ($626) for the one equipped with 64GB of storage. This is all subject to you signing up for a two-year plan costing £27 ($42) a month that'll give you 1GB of anytime data, 1GB of off-peak data (judged by Orange to be between midnight and 4pm), and 3GB of BT Openzone WiFi access for each twelfth of the year. The expectation is that T-Mobile will be offering similar pricing like Orange shortly.
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    iPad Normal Price At A Glance
                                16GB        32GB     64GB
    Wi-Fi                 $499          $599       $699
    Wi-Fi+3G         $629          $729       $829

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