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    Opera Mini 5.1 Windows Mobile Version Released

    Opera has just introduced the latest version of the Opera Mini for Windows Mobile platform devices. Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile brings about only a handful of improvements but those are still enough to make it worth downloading.

    First of all, now you can set the Opera Mini as your default web browser. The new Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile also adds support for smartphones with high-resolution displays plus page layout and font rendering are both improved. Screen auto-rotation is now supported too and so are some advanced configurations.
    Opera 5.1 Mini Free Smartphone Download
    As for the core Opera Mini functionality, it has remained untouched - server side rendering and ultra fast page load times on slow connections. After all, it made this web browser so popular.

    The new Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile is compatible with devices running Windows Mobile 2003 SE, 5.x or 6.x.

    If you want to download opera mini to your Windows Mobile devices then check opera site now.

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