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    New Water & Dust Proof Mobile Phone Coming Soon

    how to make mobile phones waterproof?It is very much odd that world's most of the mobile manufactures don't show any interest to make their handset (smart phones too) water-proof. I wonder that is it any of their business plan part? By the way i have some good news on this topic. New upcoming handset by Sonim, XP1300 Core tops the International Protection Rating with its IP68 certification with a satisfactory high score. This Sonim XP1300 Core can be submerged in deep water for a long time, survive 2 meter falls and it's completely dust proof. Its also a shock proof phone too.

    New IP68 certification is a major upgrade over previous IP67 certified phones. Unlike IP67 certified phones, which can soak into a meter of water for up to 30 minutes, the IP68 certification practically makes the Sonim XP1300 Core a fish - it can go deeper and for longer periods of time too.

    Like previous Sonim sonim water-dust-shock proof smartphonephones, the XP1300 Core can withstand drops from 2 meter heights and is completely impervious to dust. With such a tough exterior you can't expect fragile features on the inside. 

    So far, the rumored specs of the Sonim XP1300 Core include GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity, a web browser, a media player and Bluetooth connectivity. The official announcement in the Netherlands will reportedly be in early October. It will probably tell us more about the XP1300 Core price and availability.

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