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    Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Is Ready Now, RTM Is Out

    Microsoft announced yesterday through their blog Windows Phone 7 is ready and released to manufacturing. Now it's up to all of the company's partners to integrate the RTM version successfully with their upcoming devices.
    Windows Phone 7 People connection
    Windows Phone 7 XBOX LiveIf we take Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Phone Engineering, at his word when he wrote on the Windows Phone 7 Team Blog that Windows Phone 7 is the company’s most thoroughly tested mobile platform. He wrote that there were daily automated run tests on nearly 10,000 devices and a combined more than 3.5 million hours of stress test passes and 8.5 million hours of fully automated test passes. If everything works as intended, then the impact will be felt throughout the mobile community.

    As Microsoft reminds us, there is still a lot of work to be done before we see a device running Windows Phone 7 on the market. Microsoft's partners, which have been working on the OS integration for quite some time, are now going to update them with the RTM version and continue the process until everything works like a charm.
    Windows Phone 7 Microsoft Office
    Microsoft has many things going for it. For starters, the experience of other companies in their own foray has shown Microsoft what works and what doesn’t. So they can avoid the problems that other companies have had. Specifically, Apple’s antenna problem was a small choking point, which was eventually fixed. Microsoft can do well to avoid such missteps.
    Games For Windows Phone 7
    The new Windows Phone 7 leaves no place for user or firmware customization, except the wallpapers and UI colors. It's highly probable that Microsoft won't allow custom interfaces over their new OS (TouchWiz, TouchFLO 3D, etc.), though we gotta admit we've seen a Vodafone-themed Windows Phone 7 already on an unannounced device.
    Windows Phone 7 RTM Release Date
    Sounds like the Microsoft team wanted everything to be perfect. And it should be, because this is the last chance of Microsoft returning to the mobile scene.
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    It's always good news when something goes as planned. The first devices running Windows Phone 7 are scheduled for October. So their holiday 2010 availability goal seems to be on target.

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