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    Internet Explorer 9 beta Is Available For Downloading Now

    1st ever Microsoft product that won't work in Microsoft Windows XP in last 10 years, Internet Explorer 9 beta is just released today. The first public beta of Microsoft’s latest browser, Internet Explorer 9 has now been released at its official website. It’s Microsoft’s first browser to support the new HTML 5 standard and hardware accelerated rendering of websites But it is confirm that IE 9 makes more significant changes than that.

    Why this Internet Explorer browser won't support Windows XP? The world has been calling for some considerable time for people to stop using IE6 which is buggy and solely responsible for many of the malware attacks seen around the world.
    Internet Explorer 9 download
    While Microsoft’s decision to not include XP support in its latest line-up of software which includes IE9 and Live Essentials Suite 2011. This could be seen by some people as a blow. Because 60% of world's computer runs Windows XP till now.

    There can be no doubt this is a very exciting release however and could finally help Microsoft gain market share in the browse market for the first time since the first release of Mozilla Firefox. New features in IE9 include a download manager, the ability to pin Internet favourites to the Windows 7 Taskbar and a new user interface that’s slimmed down to ‘get it out of the way’.

    You can download the beta here, but please remember that you cannot have it installed alongside another version of Internet Explorer, so make sure your system is backed up beforehand. Sysytem restore is a good solution. So lets try it.

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    1. This is a great news..I am fan of IE and I will rush to upgrade mine with latest version..


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