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    Android 2.0 Or Higher Are Now Running On 70%+ Android Devices

    Its very good news for Android OS. New statistics by Google shows that Google android OS logoAndroid’s 2.x OS variants are now installed on over 70% of all Android devices. Among these Android 2.2 scores a very healthy 28.7%. Android 2.2 has been widely praised and has caused an equal amount of criticism towards some handset manufacturers and mobile phone carriers who have not declared plans to upgrade existing devices to this latest version.
    Android is on a six month cycle, with Google intending to ship an update to this smartphone OS twice a year. The OS has also gained significant market share in recent months, and is edging Apple’s iOS towards second place.
    Google Android Market Share
    So what would this mean for Microsoft and Windows Phone 7? The new Windows smartphone operating system,Windows Phone 7 sits at a different end of the operating system scale to both iOS and Android in that it’s not about treating your smartphone as a computer with a desktop and icons, but is instead about trgoogle android phone software updateeating a smartphone as a phone first and as a computing device second. Still, Microsoft will have a mountain to climb in the market share battle against Google simply because they are comparatively so late to market with the new OS. 

    Google will obviously be keen for as many Android devices as possible to be running the latest version of the operating system though individual consumers will have to weigh up the benefits of any new functionality against the inconvenience of flashing the ROMs in their devices, and the usual chaos and time spent reinstalling applications and restoring data that always comes with such a move.

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