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    Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta 2 available

    Windows Live Essentials has become a really essential for Windows users, especially since many features such as Mail have been dropped in Windows 7. Many people, say that this one of the first pieces of software they install on a new PC, and it’s easy to see why.

    New features are few and far between but include some new functionality on Photo Gallery that improves facial recognition and allows you to blend photos together. Generally though this will be a more stable release than the previous version.

    Microsoft has now made available the beta 2 release of their Windows Live Essentials 2011 package. The build, 15.4.3001.809 can be downloaded free and contains updated versions of all our favourite apps for Windows.

    Windows Live Essentials 2011 Download

    Live Mail, Messenger, Photo Gallery, Sync, Writer, Movie Maker, Family Safety and the Outlook Connector are all present and all the applications now use the Ribbon interface. You can choose at installation which of the programs you want to install, if you do not want the entire suite.

    The installer is 151Mb in size.
    Windows Live Essential 2011 Beta 2 Download
    If you want to download the installer in different languages then go to LiveSide.

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