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    Windows 7 Overtakes Windows Vista At Last

    Its now finally times to announce that Windwos 7 is the winner over the race to Windows Vista on worldwide market share. Definately a very good news for microsoft. 10 months after the release of Windows 7, it finally managed to overtake Windows Vista in terms of market share. And surely it is the day that Microsoft has longed for ever since the first reviews of Windows Vista came in. Horrible product ever by microsoft!

    It was really only a question of when, but Windows 7 has finally overtaken Vista in operating system market share. Vistas market share topped out at 18.83% in October 2009, and then once Windows 7 was released it began to decline as Windows 7 grew. Now Vista holds just 14.34% of the market, and Windows 7 has edged past it and now holds 15.83% of the overall market, according to netapplications. And according to statcounter Windows 7 holds 14.46% and vista holds 14.34%. Windows 7's rise is still impressive -- especially when you consider the fact that widespread enterprise adoption won't really take off until service pack one is released early next year.

    You might already heard that Windows 7 is Microsoft’s fastest selling OS ever, back in June it passed the 150 million sales figure and is currently selling more than 7 copies a second . They are some fairly impressive figures. It took Windows 7 only 10 months to achieve what Windows Vista did in 4 years, it just goes to show you how much more popular Windows 7 is.

    Of course, Windows XP is still by far the leading operating system, it’s still holding strong with 61.87% of the market which is pretty impressive when you consider how long its been out. But it’s still losing market share faster than Windows Vista, it’s losing approximately 0.5% ever month as Windows 7 keeps gaining.

    Now the only remaining question is how long it will be until Windows 7 surpasses Windows XP!!!!

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