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    Samsung Ships Nice Set of Galaxy S Accessories

    Its now more obvious that Samsung take their Galaxy S smartphone marketing very seriously. After launching it official on different countries they now announced to sell nice accessories set for Galaxy S made by Samsung. The line of premium accessories includes a desktop dock, a charger with a second battery, a vehicle dock, a video streaming box and various carrying cases.

    The desktop dock is meant to be used with the Desk Home app. It will turn your smartphone into very convenient and capable media player and allow making hand-free calls.
    Samsung Galaxy S Desktop Dock
    The vehicle dock (with additional USB connector for charging) and the leather/silicon/neoprene cases don't need any explanation. They look excellent and bear the Galaxy S logo.
    Samsung Galaxy S Vehicle Dock
    Both desktop dock and vehicle dock priced at 40 US dollars.
    The backup battery charging system comes with an extra 1500 mAh battery and allows you to charge it and store it outside the phone. It priced at 50 US dollar.
    Samsung Galaxy S Battery Charger
    The last main accessory is Samsung WMG160 Wi-Fi HD streaming device. It you will be able to stream movies, music and photos from your Galaxy S to any HDTV. The Samsung WMG160 connects to the HDTV by a cable connection, while the WMG160 stream content to it over the Wi-Fi network (DLNA). It's like a DLNA adapter for HDTV but with the option to playback multimedia files from a memory card as well. The price of the HD streaming device is yet to be announced.
    Samsung WMG160 Wi-Fi HD streaming device
    Samsung is also offering silicone cases (30 US dollars), neoprene sleeves (20 US dollars) and screen protectors. For the full accessories' list visit the official Samsung store.
    Samsung Galaxy S Leather case

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    1. Woah! these are really great! would love to have these!!!


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