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    Gaming Perfomance Comparison: Windows 7 vs Ubuntu Linux

    it is now a very common news that Windows 7 outnumbered Windows Vista, XP and EVEN Apple's Mac OS X in various performance tests to see which is the best. For the most part, Windows 7 seems to be coming out on top. But what about Linux? How does Windows 7 fair out against the open source competitor, Ubuntu Linux?

    To explore the unknown between Windows 7 and Ubuntu's gaming performance Phoronix put Linux and Windows 7 head to head in a gaming benchmark comparison test to see who would come out on top. They carried out the tests on same laptop. Them model is an impressive Lenovo ThinkPad W510 with a Intel Core i7 720QM clocked at 1.60GHz, with 320GB 7200RPM Sata HDD and a 1GB Nvidia Quadro FX 880M.

    Phoronix used Windows 7 Professional and Linux Ubuntu and used the most up to date Nvidia drivers for each operating system. Phoronix ran 7 different gaming benchmark tests and ran them at the native panel resolution (1600X900) and then at a lower resolution to see how Linux and Windows 7 would act when CPU and GPUs were limited in different conditions.

    For the most part, Windows 7 and Linux were pretty much equal in performance, with Windows 7 coming out slightly on top in the more taxing benchmarks.
    Windows 7 vs Linux ubuntu Gaming performance

    When running at the lower framerate (1024×768) both operating systems were nearly identical, but when the resolution was upped, Windows 7 came out on top. In face it was 9% over Linux in the Nexuiz test.

    Gaming in windows 7

    In the OpenAreana test, which was the least demanding test, Ubuntu was the winner at the lower resolution, but then again both were running at nearly 300 frames per second, so you would be hard pressed to find the difference, but then when the resolution was upped, Windows 7 came out on top again.
    Linux Windows gaming performance

    However, the Lightsmark test showed some differences, with Windows 7 coming out the clear winner here, it was 28% faster at 1024×768 and a massive 41% faster running at 1600×900.

    With the rest of the tests, Windows 7 and Ubuntu were pretty much on an even keel with not a lot separating them, but the above tests show that Windows 7 seems to be the better when it comes to heavy graphics, but then again, Ubuntu is still perfectly acceptable.

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