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    Windows 8 Surely Supports Perfect 3D: Also Improves Video Connectivity

    Its 100% sure that Microsoft's next operating system Windows 8 will comes with lots of new extraordinary features and many of them featuring Video output technologies. A leaked document from Microsoft reveals additional features including better wireless connectivity and stereoscopic 3D support in Windows 8.

    Windows 8 aims to make it as easy as possible to make use of wireless and USB displays. It is for instance possible to duplicate the computer screen on a remote display. Microsoft exemplifies this with a situation where a user uses a simple keyboard shortcut to send a TV show found in the web browser to a flat screen display to view it on the larger screen in Windows 8.
    Windows 8 will support stereoscopic 3D in both games and movies. Hardware support includes lots of 3D capable devices including TVs and monitors, laptops and photo cameras as well as wireless TVs, wireless docking stations and USB monitors.

    Hardware acceleration aims to provide a better experience not only when browsing the Internet but also in other applications like Windows Live Photo Gallery.

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