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    Use Windows 7 Icons On Your Windows XP System

    Its sure that the icons of Windows 7 are so nice compared with Windwos XP. So that many Windows 7 transformation Packs are available for Windwos XP. You can find the best collection of those packs here at a time. But sometimes all the themes are not capable of change everything of your Windows XP. As a example i can talk about Windwos icon. Sometimes after using windows 7 theme in your windows xp, all the icons may not be look like windows 7 icon.

    So here is the perfect solution to change all your windows xp icons. Just use this windwos 7 icon package to replace all your windows xp icons. Its easy to use. Most of all it works perfectly.

    How To Use:
    --> After downloading the file, extract it and you'll get a folder containing the Icon Pack.
    --> You'll need "Icon Packager" to apply this icon pack.
    --> Icon Packager Can Be Downloaded Directly From HERE.
    --> Open "SevenVG.iconpackage" file in Icon Packager and Apply it.
    --> Thats All.

    You Can Windows 7 Transformation Pack 4.0 for Windwos XP From HERE
    You Can Find All Other Exclusive Windows XP Transformation Items HERE Featuring:
    1. Transformation Pack
    2. Theme
    3. Boot Screen
    4. Login Screen
    5. Sound Scheme
    6. Shell32
    7. Icon Pack

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