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    iPhone 4 Battery Life Is Excellent: Test Result Impressive

    As the mobile phone technology advances lots of new features are being added to latest smartphones regularly. This may enhance our phone experience but it causes massive charge drain to our mobile batteries. But innovation never stops. Because latest smartphones seem to be getting better and better, despite all the extra features each new generation brings to the table.

    GSMArena recently tests latest Apple iphone 4 battery life closely. Here's the result for you.
    They test iPhone 4 continuously for 68 hours. they use their iPhone 4 in following way-
    - 30 min of general usage
    - 90 minutes of video playback
    - 40 minutes of voice calls
    - 40 minutes of web browsing
    - 40 minutes of gaming
    - 40 minutes of photo browsing
    - 2 hours of music playback

    The Apple iPhone 4 excelled in the dedicated video playback test. It scored the whopping 9 hours and 40 minutes of looped playback of our usual test video (converted to the proper format, of course). The Samsung Wave did 8 hours and 40 minutes in the same challenge, while the Samsung Galaxy S managed nearly 7 hours and 30 minutes. So surely its a very significant steps for the iPhone 4.

    When you compare the iPhone 4 results to those of our current champion – the Samsung Wave, you’ll see that somehow we missed taking a circle around the block in GPS navigation mode and we didn’t use the camera for the time of the test. However we did some heavy photo browsing with the iPhone 4 and we did some more gaming than usual. I think that should compensate in a way.

    The final verdict is that the iPhone 4 is a pretty good performer. Its score is day shorter than what Galaxy S and Samsung Wave achieved but my guess is you’d have a hard time depleting the iPhone 4 battery on a single day of regular use. And compared to the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4 is hands-down a superior performer, although at the announcement Apple promised only a marginal improvement. Well, that’s one lie we can take.

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