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    Apple iPhone 4 Review 5: iPhone 4 Awesome Ratina Display

    I am 100% sure that you had heard it so many times- The iPhone 4 Retina display is the highest resolution screen we’ve seen in a mobile phone. You mihgt have wondered 'what is ratina diplay?' Retina is just a marketing name made up for iphone 4 by Apple to differentiate it. But it doesn’t need the extra differentiation cause it’s among the best screens we’ve seen too.
    The new iPhone 4 display has the same size as those on the previous iPhones (3.5 inches) but the the resolution has been bumped up four times. From 320 x 480 pixels on the previous generations, the new iPhone 4 screen has the amazing 640 x 960 pixel resolution- Thats break all the previous mobile phone display resolution record!

    The Retina display of iPhone 4
    Because of the iPhone 4 increased pixel density (reaching 326 pixels per inch) images now appear way sharper (or smoother, if you like) than before.
    Based on an IPS panel, just like high-end desktop displays and iPad, the new iPhone’s LCD screen has LED backlighting and resulting contrast ratio of 800:1, which is 4 times the previous ones, as well.
    The new and the old display put face to face (iPhone 4’s wallpaper is grey).
    Here's another comparison of iphone 4 Display in magnified condition-
    In reality things look as impressive as on paper. The 16M-color capacitive iPhone 4 display delivers great image quality. Colors are vibrant, blacks are deep and the sunlight legibility is remarkable. The viewing angles are excellent as well in iPhone 4 ratina display, comparable to the results of Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays. As for touch sensitivity, it’s excellent, too. Of course, multi-touch support is here again in iphone 4 with new OS 4.0.


    1 comment:

    1. Good resolution, but (and I have only seen 2) the color temperature looks odd, with a greeny yellow tint. Makes the whites look colder and overall, pictures less natural. Anybody else notice this?


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