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    Apple iPhone 4 Review 4: iPhone 4 Design & Construction Details

    iPhone 4 is also different in the department of design compared with previous 3 iPhone models. Apple didn’t bother to change the design for three generations and still sold ship loads of the thing. The Number 4 is here to open a brand new page in the iPhone history but a complete departure from the original styling could’ve been way too adventurous.
    iPhone 4 Design Review
    iphone 4 display glass breakable?
    When all you have is touchscreen and an interface that sets the standards for user-friendliness, you don’t need to put the focus elsewhere by getting too fancy with the finish. The iPhone is one of the most minimalist phone designs out there and iPhone 4 knows better than to try anything stupid.

    So, Apple had no design to start with, made very little changes to it and ended up with a brilliant new design. What do you call it? Here’s one – magic. The iPhone 4 is thinner, sharper, more advanced, refined. The one thing to note probably is that it somehow feels more delicate than the older versions. This has nothing to do with the build and finish – we wouldn’t call the iPhone 4 fragile.
    iphone 4 ratina display speciality
    If you put a 3GS and an iPhone 4 side by side on the table, you may have a hard time noticing a profound difference. That’s when the screens are off though. Once that gorgeous Retina Display powers up, you will want to turn off the 3GS and put it hastily away to save it the embarrassment. Hard to believe it was considered one of the better phone screens out there before iphone 4.
    Best iPhone so far is iPhone 4
    At the rear, the new iPhone 4 styling is way more prominent. Instead of plastic there’s glossy glass surface used in new iPhone 4 that is said to be scratch-resistant and quite more sturdy than plastic.
    iPhone 4 volume button don't works
    The oleophobic coating in iPhone 4 – both front and rear – is supposed to reduce fingerprints but there isn’t much you can do to keep the high-gloss surface clean. The special coating at least makes sure smudges are easily removed.
    iPhone 4 speaker volume quality
    Up front, the newly added secondary camera in iPhone 4 is located right next to the earpiece, on the left. Above the display we also find the proximity and the ambient light sensors. The round Home button is all there is at the bottom of your latest iphone.
    iPhone 4 multitasking button

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