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    Apple iPhone 4 Review 3: New iPhone Size & Body Structures

    Three generations and an iPad later, the iPhone finally looks different. Better. At 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm the iPhone 4 is impressively slim and obviously less curvy. The weight has stayed almost the same at 137 g, an emphatic statement of the newly found poise and presence.

    The metallic frame around the body actually consists of two separate parts and both are individual antennas. You probably have heard by now, that this design is reportedly causing some reception issues.

    The new materials used on the iPhone 4 account for much of the weight. A stainless steel band frames the handset top to bottom, scratch-resistant glass covering both the front and rear. The trademark curved back is now gone and it’s not the phone’s loss but the user’s. The iPhone 4 looks great but just isn’t as comfortable – and secure – to handle. It just feels way more slippery to hold in hand than the previous two generations.

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