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    Apple iPhone 4 Review 2: Whats Inside a iPhone 4 Box

    My 1st iPhone review was on the topic of iPhone 4's main features & disadvantages. In this part i will cover a iPhone 4 box. I will show you what you will find inside your new Apple iPhone 4, that means the package contents.

    The new iPhone comes in a tiny white box with not much in it. Underneath the phone itself, we found the usual set of accessories: a charger, a USB cable and the same set of earphones with a 3.5mm audio jack as the one of the 3GS.

    Amidst the booklets (an iPhone 4 brochure and product guide) we came upon the SIM eject tool and a couple of stickers with an apple on them. That’s that. No free bumper case, no polishing cloth, no dock. Apple might thinks You’re buying a 600 euro phone SIM-free – and you’re supposed to be able to afford some extra accessories. Its also business too man.

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