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    Windows 8 Surely Gives Users More Power To Optimize & Control Speed Computing

    Still there is no official word from Microsoft on the Windows 8 topic but it seems that at last an official leak from microsoft make people more certain about the existance of Windows 8 development work. Some Microsoft Windows 8 documents have been leaked online recently. And there is clear indication of making it more user frindly and speedy computing experience. It seems to hint that some of the areas of focus for Windows 8 will be further improvements in speed, and greater empowerment of users allowing them to easily tweak and optimise their machines without calling a support desk or a more knowledgeable friend.

    Two Windows 8 features that are touted in the leaked documents is a ‘Startup Performance Center’ in Windwos 8 Control Panel that will quickly show users ways to improve their boot times, as well as windows 8 proximity sensors that will switch your pc on when you sit at your desk, and off when you leave.

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