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    Windows Phone 7 running LG Panther Photo Leaks gaian

    This time snother good picture of the Windows Phone 7 powered LG Panther is leaked. It shows nothing new, but we finally get an image under some proper lighting. The phone date points 12 May, which means this LG Panther is as close to the final version as it gets at this stage. The design of the keys below the display has slightly changed over the previously leaked hands-on materials. The Panther meets the WP7 Chassis 2 specs requirements and will pack a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

    Here is a quick refresh on the LG Panther rumored specs: 1GHz or faster processor, WVGA or better capacitive display, at least 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, possible HD video recording, sliding full QWERTY keyboard and an all-round connectivity package.

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