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    Motorola MT810 Comes With 3D Display & 720p Video Recording

    Previously rumored Motorola MT820 now popped under a new model number - MT810 - and it's becoming a lot more interesting. New rumors suggest it has a glasses-free 3D display, 720p video recording and runs OPhone OS, a heavily customized Android. Also, the display mixes touch technologies to make an even more unorthodox handheld.

    The Motorola MT810 may have lost 10 points from its model number, but gained some very interesting specs along the way as the latest rumors indicate.

    The screen uses a parallax barrier (located in the transparent flip) that makes the display 3D and it works without any special glasses. The transparent flip also serves a second function - it's a capacitive touch sensor. The screen itself uses resistive touch technology - so, you get the best of both worlds.

    The rumors go on - the 5 megapixel camera on the Motorola MT810 can capture 720p video. There's also an LED flash to accompany the camera. The phone runs the latest OPhone OS, which is based on Android, but modified for the needs of China Mobile.

    Unfortunately, there's no word of how the 3D capabilities are used - is it just for photos and videos, or does the OS interface use it too? The Motorola MT810 is the second phone with a 3D display that we've heard of (the first being the Samsung W960 AMOLED 3D) so this is new territory for both manufacturers and users. But this 3d Motorola Mt810 may be available only in china.


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