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    Gorgeous Surreal Territory Official Theme for Windows 7

    From the designer of the new Windows logo, Chuck Anderson, we have a new theme exclusive for users of Windows 7. However, this particular theme pack stands out from the crowd, and it is clear that the content was provided by an artist with a unique vision. Microsoft are proud to reveal the Surreal Territory Theme designed by the same artist who came up with the new Windows logo as well as some other imagery like the wallpapers. Anderson reveals that he had helped with designs for the “default desktop, login screen, & packaging design for Microsoft Windows 7.”
    The Surreal Territory theme is a slightly different from the traditional Windows Logo and wallpapers, but beautiful none the less. The images are more psychedelic, each featuring a rainbow gradient melting into the original images. The theme is indeed “surreal”, and I’m sure it will give your desktop a new bit of life.

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