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    Get Aero Test On Your XP by Using Transparent Taskbar- Start Menu

    We all know that Aero is one the best improvment in visual department of windows which is 1st introduced in Windows Vista. But till now most of the users around the world use Windows XP as their main operating system. So i come up with a way of using aero in Windows XP. Its only applicable to Taskbar and start menu.
    It will just change the translucency of just the task bar, this gets the task bar and the start menu, so that they both are faded. this is a good app to have if you dont have AERO on vista/7, or if you on WinXP. You can change your taskbar's translucancy from 0 (invisible) to 255 (opaque).
    Just download unzip and run.
    Download TransTaskBar Free

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